Environmental & Toxic Tort Litigation

Our experience in environmental claims includes individual, mass and class action defense of toxic tort matters, asbestos, silicosis, lead paint, mold, petroleum contamination from leaking underground storage tanks, sick building syndrome, military hazardous chemical claims, ground water and subsurface water contamination claims, property damage and business losses, air emissions, explosion or catastrophic failure, subsurface migration, industrial contact, and product usage.

We have litigated claims involving the improper maintenance of dams that were causing damage to downstream properties and improper, unlawful construction practices resulting in environmental damages to adjacent and abutting properties, pesticide/insecticide agricultural claims, class action defense of termiticide claims, among many other areas of environmental defense work. We also routinely represent parties before both civil and administrative bodies regarding issues with gas stations, landfills, transfer stations, wetlands, remediation of hazardous waste sites, etc. We have extensive experience providing coverage opinions to insurers, as well as insureds, in connection with insurance coverage for a wide variety of environmental claims, as well as litigated those coverage issues.

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